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In Danger of Losing 2 Generations of Syrians

A country in crisis

Syria has been in conflict and civil war since 2011. This conflict has turned in to one of the deadliest conflicts in the last century. According to the UN there are more than 400,000 Syrians have been killed in the fighting and over a million injured. There are 5.5 million Syrian refugees who have fled the country in hopes of finding safety and peace for their families. There are over 6 million Syrian's displaced within the country. Syria continues to be a very volatile place to live.

There are over 13 million Syrian's need humanitarian aid each day--8.6 million are children. 

The refugees have had no choice but to flee. More than half of the Syrian refugees are young children. Nearly 3 million of these children have not had the opportunity for education in over 5 years. 

Lebanon, Turkey, Greece and Jordan are hosting most of the refugees. Lebanon has more elementary aged Syrian refugees than Lebanese children in their Country. 

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World Vision Education Fund 

why schools:

We have the amazing opportunity to partner with World Vision for this project. World Vision is one of the leading organizations that have stepped up to help with the Syrian Refugee crisis. They help in every aspect including water, food, building latrine's and other infrastructure needs.

Because of Makenzie's desire to help the children--They have given us the opportunity to partner and help with the Early Elementary Education Fund. Basically preschool for the refugees. World Vision has realized that one of the best longterm solutions is to help get education for these refugees.

Like anyone else in the world who has not had education for years the refugees are behind in school when they are immersed in to other cultures education system. The hope is to get them the early education they need so that they can begin to thrive and have the opportunity to get an education.

Giving the opportunity for education is the foundation of hope in any culture.  

The current locations for the schools are in Lebanon but the hope is to expand in to other refugee camps as well, and with your partnership that will happen! 



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