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faith like a child

Chief Visionary



Makenzie is your typical 12-year-old little girl who loves to bake, play volleyball, and spend time with her friends. 

Her life changed forever when she learned about the Syrian refugee crisis and felt prompted to help.


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Dani & Gary 

Makenzie's parents

Successful entrepreneurs run in Dani's family, so it is no surprise that her daughter thought of this amazing movement. The moment Dani heard her daughter's heart and vision, she jumped into action to make it a reality.

Dani lives her life with passion and zeal every day! She is passionate about coming alongside people and helping them become who they were created to be. She speaks for events and writes as well. 

Gary has spent his entire adult life leading others and serving the marginalized, whether in full-time ministry or in the business world. In addition to speaking at retreats and events, Gary has led over 40 teams to third-world countries to help those in need and suffering. 

Gary loves to see others catch this vision: that they too can make a difference in the world. His passion and care for people is inspiring and contagious!


How the movement began

Makenzie learned about the crisis in Syria as she was studying the country for a project in her 6th grade class. Her heart broke and she was moved to help the refugees in some way. After hearing her mom give a message at her school about the kids being a "masterpiece", she came home and the idea came together to put the word POIEMA--("masterpiece" in Greek) on shirts, sell them, and give the money away to organizations that are helping Syrian refugees and orphans. Through her idea, we have launched The 11th Initiative, Inc, a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to bring help and hope to anyone who is suffering emotionally, physically, financially and/or spiritually. Truth Gear is the clothing line that was launched from Makenzie's inspiring idea.  

Our Team

This movement has grown from a dream and desire of a child, to a group of passionate people who have caught the vision and have jumped in with all of their talents to make this dream a reality. 

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